Characteristics of the goods on offer

The products for sale are those shown in the catalogue published in the HOME-COOK.CO.UK website. These products are offered within the limits of available stock. Each product is accompanied by a description and a photograph. The photographs are not contractual. The catalogue photographs are as faithful as possible, but cannot ensure perfect similarity with the offered product, especially as concerns the colours of the handles in natural or stamina woods. 
HOME-COOK.CO.UK guarantees that the products proposed on its website can have various origins.


HOME-COOK.CO.UK reserves the right to modify its prices at any time, while it is agreed that the price shown in the catalogue on the day of the order shall be the only one applicable to the buyer. 
A fixed sum will be added to the indicated prices to cover the costs of order handling, transport and delivery so long as this takes place in the planned geographic areas. This fixed sum will be made known before the order is registered.


The buyer declares that the products purchased on the HOME-COOK.CO.UK website are strictly limited to personal use.
The buyer shall:
- complete the identification sheet giving all the required details. The customer agrees to give an address to which delivery can be made during working hours (post office boxes are not accepted), phone number, and email address. 
- complete the purchase order on line giving all the references and quantities of the selected products
- confirm the order after checking it
- check the box "I have read and I accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale" and reconfirm the order
- make the payment under the provided conditions
- confirm the order and payment
As required, the buyer retains the option of sending the order by letter or fax. In this case, the sale will only become final after cashing, by the seller, of the payment and confirmation by the seller of acceptance of the request.
Confirmation of the order by the buyer entails acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, and acknowledgement of having fully read and understood them. 
An agreement is only finalised when the seller confirms the order.
Any refusal to accept an order will be confirmed by return email within 24 working hours (at the latest). 
The seller also reserves the option of not recording a payment and thus not confirming an order for any reason whatsoever, and in particular if the ordered products are not available, if the products are no longer manufactured, for reasons of material supply, if the delivery risks being problematic (refusal by our carrier to serve a given geographic area) or if the order comes from a customer with whom HOME-COOK.CO.UK has a commercial or other dispute.

Right of retraction

According Distance Selling Regulations the buyer, non-professional physical person, benefits from a period of retraction of seven days as from the delivery of their order to return the product to the seller for exchange or refund with no penalty, excepting any fixed sum for shipping, delivery and return charges. 
Products that are damaged, impaired, dirty, incomplete, or have the original packaging deteriorated will not be taken back by the seller. Products returned in this condition are to be paid for by the buyer, and they will remain at their disposal in the premises of HOME-COOK.CO.UK.

Payment methods

Payments are made with the order: 
- by bank card, through the secure system that uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol such that the transmitted data are encrypted by a program and no third party can get knowledge of them during transit on the network. HOME-COOK.CO.UK has no access to these data, as the payment is made on the server of our partner bank. 
The buyer can pay the bill in pounds sterling. The buyer's account will be debited instantly. 

Personal data

We do not sell or rent  your personal information to anyone.

For normal order processing, collected personal data is subjected to computer processing, and the consumer acknowledges their knowledge of this. 
Data on the buyer may be sent to third parties for verification. 
The buyer also has a right of access for correction as regards all the relevant data, shown in the company's file. 
This computer processing has been the subject of a declaration to Data Protection Act


Deliveries are made to the address given on the purchase order, which can only be in the agreed geographic area. 
Delivery dates are provided for information only. If these exceed thirty days counting from the order, the sale agreement may be terminated. 
The seller may not be held responsible for any overrun of the indicative times given on the website or at order confirmation. 
If the addressee or anyone who can take possession of the products is absent at the time of delivery, the carrier will leave a calling note at the delivery address given by the customer. 
In no case shall the seller be held responsible for any deterioration of the products in the event that said products are picked up late from the manufacturer, or should the customer fail to pick up the products. 
In all cases, the buyer agrees to pay any customs duties and other taxes related to the import of the products into the country of the place of delivery. The buyer also declares full knowledge of the Laws and Regulations of the country of the place of delivery governing the import and possession of kitchen and pocket knives. 
The buyer is liable for the risks as from the time when the products leave the premises of HOME-COOK.CO.UK. The customer shall check the goods on receipt of the package. 
An invoice will be attached to the package. 
In the event of damage during transportation, the customer shall make any reservations on the delivery slip before signing it, or refuse the shipment.
These reservations shall be confirmed with the carrier on the day of receipt of the package and a copy sent to HOME-COOK.CO.UK (by email).

Return a product: if you want to return an item, you must notifyHOME-COOK.CO.UK. Upon receipt of the product, and after inspection, a refund to the price of the item (excluding transport) will be applied.



All the products presented on the HOME-COOK.CO.UK website comply with current UK legislation. 
HOME-COOK.CO.UK guarantees that every possible care has been taken to offer high-quality artisanal products. In the event that the sold product is not conform, it may be returned to the seller who will take it back, exchange it or reimburse it. The buyer is responsible for the return transport costs. 
HOME-COOK.CO.UK guarantees its products, but may not be held responsible either for product selection, or for the use and maintenance of the articles. The products sold on the HOME-COOK.CO.UK website are kitchen articles: 
- the knives and forks are intended for the kitchen and should be used only for meat, vegetables or fresh fruit. Our knives should not be used for cutting frozen or deep frozen food. They are not suitable for dishwasher use. It is not a good idea to leave knives wet. They should be washed and dried at once. Careful maintenance of carbon-steel knives is even more important, as moisture will rust carbon-steel. Never put carbon-steel knives into the dishwasher. In normal use a carbon-steel knife's blade will stain. This is normal and not serious. Time can have an effect on natural wooden handles made of natural or stamina material. It is recommended never to leave a knife with this type of handle to soak in water. These tools require special maintenance and suitable storage. HOME-COOK.CO.UK may on no account be held responsible for the neglect, incorrect use (DIY, gardening, etc.) or ageing of a product simply due to time passing - sharpening steels used to maintain knife edges are very fragile objects due to the steel's hardness. The seller may on no account be held responsible if a sharpening steel breaks after falling. Never wet a sharpening steel or put it in a dishwasher. - blocks: wood is a natural material that ages and changes colour over time. HOME-COOK.CO.UK may on no account be held responsible for the change of appearance of a product simply due to time passing. 
HOME-COOK.CO.UK warns users about the dangers of kitchen knives. A kitchen knife is a tool that must be handled with great care. HOME-COOK.CO.UK may not be held responsible for domestic accidents, accidents involving minors or adults, cuts, wounds, etc. related to the dangerous nature of its products. It is strongly recommended not to leave these knives within the reach of young children. 
Regarding any issue involving the warranty against latent defects, the product shall be returned to HOME-COOK.CO.UK with a copy of the invoice. 
The seller's warranty is limited to the repair, replacement by same or replacement by value, if the product is no longer manufactured, of products acknowledged to be defective by the seller. In all cases, HOME-COOK.CO.UK liability is limited to the price paid for the product at the time of the order.


The seller, in the on-line sale process, is only held to an obligation of means; it may not be held liable for damage resulting from the use of the Internet, such as data loss, intrusion, virus, service break, or other problems beyond its control.

Intellectual Property

All the information present on the HOME-COOK.CO.UK website (commercial names, manufacturing brands, designations, photographs, texts, videos) are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of HOME-COOK.CO.UK
No-one may reproduce, exploit, redistribute, in part or in whole and for any purpose whatsoever, any information on the website, whether programs, visual or audio.
Any simple or hypertext link is strictly prohibited without the written agreement of HOME-COOK.CO.UK